If it can be done at the doctor’s office, we can provide it at home.

Our coordinated healthcare model brings all the benefits of a doctor’s office visit into the home. That means no traveling for primary care or to the pharmacy, along with chronic care management and 24/7 remote health monitoring.

Plus, it’s all covered by Medicare.

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Primary Care

Overseen by a medical director, our nurse practitioners and physician assistants who specialize in older patients with complex medical needs deliver care via house calls. Our integrated care model serves as a primary care team or we can offer an extra layer to existing physicians.

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Pharmacy services and delivery

Get custom dose packaged medication, ensure correct dosing with Dose-Pop Packs, and have drugs delivered directly to the doorstep. Our Rx counselors are available 24/7. We’re also a headache and hassle-free Long-Term Care Pharmacy partner for senior living communities.

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Remote Monitoring

Secure, simple, and safe devices remotely monitor blood pressure, diabetes, and other metrics, sending readings to our nurses for real-time tracking, and fast help when needed.

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Help with daily activities

In addition to Medicare-covered services, we offer personal care aides to help seniors live comfortably at home and support their activities of daily living.  This is our only service not covered by Medicare.  We accept Long-Term Care Insurance and private pay.

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Special Dementia Program

We are approved by Medicare to participate in their GUIDE program, which allows patients with dementia and their caregivers to access novel covered services and support.

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At Home Harmony’s holistic, coordinated model is designed to keep older adults with multiple chronic medical conditions safe, happy, and as independent as possible.

  • In-home medical care from PAs, NPs, and other advanced providers
  • Custom prescription packaging and delivery
  • Chronic care management
  • 24/7 virtual health monitoring

Optional add-on services, such as in-home personal care and behavioral health

GUIDE Program

Medicare fuels the Harmony model.

Our special dementia program, funded by Medicare’s new GUIDE program, allows us to provide additional care, training, and support from a trained Care Navigator, backed by our dementia experts.

People living with Alzheimer’s disease and dementia often have multiple medical conditions, receive fragmented care, and visit hospitals often. Their caregivers are under pressure to navigate a broken healthcare system and provide care in between regular medical visits.

We meet these challenges by providing holistic, coordinated care at home that considers every person’s mental, physical, emotional, and financial needs. We help patients live safely in their homes and among their familiar surroundings, improving quality of life for them, their loved ones, and their caregivers. See how the GUIDE model works.

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NPs and PAs, backed by dedicated Care Concierge.

While our advanced providers keep regular contact with every patient and contact, patients are supported by a Care Concierge member, offering ongoing case management assistance, clinical education, patient triage, specialist/referral assistance, and caregiver support in between face-to-face visits with providers.

Senior Living partner

Our licensed providers round in senior living communities to complement existing care teams, keeping residents and staff happy.

Primary care partner

Our geriatric specialists (NPs and PAs) make house calls and can spend more time with patients, improve medication compliance, and create an integrated care plan dedicated to home-bound seniors, freeing your time for higher acuity patients. Contact our team to see how we can benefit your practice and help those struggling to visit your office.


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