Full-Service Prescription Delivery

Personalized in-home pharmaceutical services and expedited delivery

At Home Harmony was built to deliver what you need most - medications you can rely on, when you need them, in convenient packaging. Our pharmacy & dedicated team strives to solve your current medication headaches.
  • We work with all insurance companies
  • We are the perfect partner for Senior Living communities who manage various pharmaceutical repackaging and delivery hassles
Harmony - Prescription Delivery
Harmony - At-Home Pill Packs

We personalize our services.

An initial consultation with our Pharmacist lets us customize your medication packaging and care plan. We participate with most Medicare Part D plans and work to limit your out-of-pocket costs.

We simplify complex medication management regimens.

We ensure the right drug is taken at the right time. Medications (including over-the-counter) are specially packaged in convenient, personalized, pre-sorted Dose-Pop pill packs, eliminating the need for organizing your own pills.

We make things safer.

We provide ongoing access to our pharmacists for regular medication therapy management review, and we are there to answer your questions and to screen for any harmful interactions or side effects.

We don’t cost more.

At Home Harmony pharmacy services are covered by Medicare. We participate with all major Medicare D plans and works to limit your out-of-pocket costs.

Personalized Care Plan

Customized Pill Packs

Expedited Home Delivery

Our pharmacists are constantly collaborating with our medical providers to keep you safe and help you thrive at home.

Personal Pharmacist = Personal Pill Packs

Medication regimens for seniors can be very complicated. Let our pharmacist simplify your life. You’ll get weekly customized, pre-filled pill packs—including any over the counter meds— delivered directly to home. So you can be sure you’re getting the right medication, *at the right time. And repurpose that bulky 30-day pill organizer as a doorstop.

*Also, at the right price. At Home Harmony participates with most Medicare D plans and works to limit your out of pocket costs.

Personal Pharmacist = Safer, Healthier Life

In addition to your initial consultation and personalized care plan, you’ll have full access to your pharmacist for regular medication management reviews. And they’re always on call to answer your questions and screen for any harmful interactions or side effects. At Home Harmony, safety comes first. So you can live healthfully ever after.